Chris Arold began training in January 2012 under Ica Medina before transitioning to the Scott Devine team in 2013. He received his purple belt in 2015. Chris is married, has a French Bulldog named Butters, and recently became a father to Devine Jiu Jitsu's youngest white belt, a boy, born January 2017. 

Marc Edward Brown is an active police officer at the Charleston PD.  He is a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and FLETC. BJJ has changed and improved his life in many ways, as it teaches countless lessons and skills that can apply to all aspects of life such as critical thinking and decision making. He enjoys learning and teaching new concepts and techniques within the art.

Our Instructors

Carin Bloom has been practicing yoga for 13 years and is a certified 200hr RYT since 2015. As a Isshinryu Karate and BJJ practitioner, her style of yoga always incorporates a warrior mindset. The balance of mind, body, and spirit is a goal that shapes the way Carin sees and moves through life and she hopes that her fellow warriors will also find that balance. Carin's day job is as a historian and archaeologist at Middleton Place, where she's been interpreting the past and engaging the community since 2015.

Michael Sanda started training in 2002 with Master Rigan Machado in Torrance, CA. After settling in Charleston, SC, he received his brown belt from Ica Medina (a 3rd degree black belt under Rigan Machado) in 2011. He subsequently started training under Scott Devine, receiving his black belt in December 2014. Along with owning Devine Jiu Jitsu Charleston, Michael is an active pilot and lives with his wife and 2 puppies, Cheddar & Brie.

Jeff Robertson
Tony Licari
Bryan Enright

Jeff Robertson, head instructor,has been training since 2002, beginning with Jerry Brewer and Grand Master Relson Gracie. He subsequently trained under Ica Medina and Master Rigan Machado before he started training under Scott Devine  in 2013, receiving his black belt in 2015. He is a veteran law enforcement officer who lives with his wife, his son (who also trains!) and their dogs Tyson and Waylan.

Tony Licari began training in 2008 in SC with the Rigan Machado team. After moving to FL he joined a Rodrigo Pinheiro affiliate, and subsequently opened his own affiliate. Upon retiring from the Navy, Tony relocated back to Charleston and received his brown belt from Checkmat black belt Thiago Sa Fortes Silva in January of 2016. He is married and father of 3 children, and is currently pursing his Masters in English from the Citadel.

Michael Sanda